Running a business is hard work!

Not only do you have to be an expert in your field, but you have to learn how to use the business tools that run your own business, as well.

MSP-Ignite combines industry Best Practices with our certified expertise in Autotask to provide a jump start to your efficiency. Whether you are new to Autotask and looking for implementation assistance or need to ignite your use of this powerful tool we have got a program for you.

We offer goal based services to help new Autotask Clients get started, those that have become stagnant push through to the next level, and those that need a map to success a tour guide to help get them there.

our advisors

  • Are Autotask Certified Consulting Partners.
  • Work with Autotask on a daily basis.
  • Have been involved with running Managed Services Organizations for over twenty years.


The key to success with any Professional Service Application is starting out correctly. At MSP-Ignite we combine years of Managed Services experience with our Autotask Certified Consulting to provide our clients with the proper foundation for success.

  • Structured, individual implementation following Best Practices Guidelines.
  • Flexible schedule to match your required Go-Live Date.
  • Benefit from learning industry Best Practices during the implementation process.


The Business Accelerator Program is based on years of experience working with thousands of technology solutions providers around the world, and features proven methodologies and industry best practices to optimize your workflows and business processes, and give you greater visibility into the critical metrics that affect your business and your profitability.

  • Comprehensive review of your business goals, current metrics and Autotask configuration.
  • One to four day on-site engagement with an Autotask Certified Consulting Partner.
  • Focused process improvement and workflow automation.


Our Autotask Champion As-A-Service offering will help you fine tune your use of Autotask. This monthly engagement allows existing Autotask Clients to employ an Autotask Champion with years of industry experience at an affordable rate. Slow improvements that will improve:

  • Improve client satisfaction and retention.
  • Identify accurate profit and performance picture.
  • Increase efficiency through a deeper use of the application.